What does your creativity tell you?

I wrote a poem. I was proud of it, showed it to a friend, published it on a forum among other poets. Short story short, I was done with it. But then two days later I felt a bang against my head and heard this threatening voice “You’d better look at that poem again”! Ok, so I went back to it with the intention to rewrite it, correct it here and there, maybe crticize a little. And then I READ it!

That poem was for me. Continue reading


is my favorite day in a… day. It’s because the world slows down. And I slow down too. Fridays are partially to be blamed with its urge to squeeze in the most of week’s work, shopping and parting. Saturdays are completely different – I tend to prolong every action: of waking up and cuddling my man, of walking the corridor to the kitchen to make tea, of sitting in the couch and finally reading an article from the title to the author’s initials and then rushing back to the kitchen because the water for tea has almost boiled out. Continue reading