Life non-fiction

After one of my latest posts, where I showed some vulnerability and admitted that I was struggling with writing, a friend suggested to read something. So I did. I’ve just finished the biography ‘Kapuscinski non-fiction’ by Artur Domoslawski and it left me inspired in many different ways. Continue reading

Butterfly no. 2

Master of pieces

Almighty in his throne
Looked pointing at my soul
I offered him a piece
He wanted all of mes
I dropped then from the whole
And left myselves alone
The broken art decease
I was a masterpiece

Get out of my notes, get into my blog

“Get out of my dreams, get into my life”…I love this song! Only courageous people live their dream, and I want to be a courageous artist sharing her writing with the public. In the past weeks I wrote some poems and I kept them only for myself, as if they were butterflies I caught on a summer day and kept them locked in my library. I was scared that opening the door would let unfriendly air in, forgetting that the outside is their natural home.

Here is butterfly no. 1

Continue reading

Writing in pain

Sometimes it is painful to write so you stop doing it to avoid the pain. Instead you write…but other things. You work on articles for blogs of other people and businesses, you take copywriting jobs and produce all sorts of texts for money. So where’s the problem? Why one kind of writing brings you suffering whereas the other one gives you money. How can you be able to do one and not the other? They are both a form of creativity and have something to do with words, which you love, so it should be alright, but what’s the intention? Continue reading

Befriending the Truth

In order to be a real artist one needs to tap into their truth. And this lady can be ugly as hell, dark as a starless night, she can hurt, cut you in pieces, squeeze your heart with gross hands and make it hard for you to breathe. You prefer to keep her locked in a cellar and never mention her name during family meetings. You act as if she’s never existed and behave in a way not to let her “disturb” your peace, when what you need to is do is exactly the opposite.

By letting her see the sun light and meet your family members you take care of what others thought was a crippled part of you. Continue reading