A year of creation

Last year I chose to create. With that simple decision my life has changed significantly. I allowed myself to live more fully and colorfully. It was the time when I grew the most. I owe it to all the people who challenged me, in a good or bad way. But I am most thankful to myself. For making the time, having the guts, dedicating the money and taking action to make something when it hadn’t existed before.

The biggest learnings of 2017? 

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Creative time

It is so important to have time for oneself, to be able to breathe out what we’ve inhaled throughout the day. The pictures, the conversations, the dreams, the problems. Everything. Not breathing properly may lead to an artistic hyperventilation. We may find ourselves in a panic call for survival. Continue reading

Butterfly no. 2

Master of pieces

Almighty in his throne
Looked pointing at my soul
I offered him a piece
He wanted all of mes
I dropped then from the whole
And left myselves alone
The broken art decease
I was a masterpiece

Get out of my notes, get into my blog

“Get out of my dreams, get into my life”…I love this song! Only courageous people live their dream, and I want to be a courageous artist sharing her writing with the public. In the past weeks I wrote some poems and I kept them only for myself, as if they were butterflies I caught on a summer day and kept them locked in my library. I was scared that opening the door would let unfriendly air in, forgetting that the outside is their natural home.

Here is butterfly no. 1

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What does your creativity tell you?

I wrote a poem. I was proud of it, showed it to a friend, published it on a forum among other poets. Short story short, I was done with it. But then two days later I felt a bang against my head and heard this threatening voice “You’d better look at that poem again”! Ok, so I went back to it with the intention to rewrite it, correct it here and there, maybe crticize a little. And then I READ it!

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