First criticism

I received the first critical feedback regarding my work. It stroke me like a lightening and made me question the last couple of months I had so enthusiastically dedicated to creating. For a day or two I flooded myself with even more criticism and considered quitting the business. Continue reading

Dormant passion

Already long time ago my dear friends said that I had a thing for words. I didn’t understand what they meant, as if someone told me “You’ve got white skin”. But now I get it from more people, so I’ve looked at my hands and I finally see it. OMG, I was so blind for my own passion. It was in me all that time, sleeping like a volcano. Continue reading

Her Majesty

She awakens everyday with the same intention – to create. She is the most powerful Creator of all. She is not lazy. She does not say “Not today” or “Later”. She does not overthink nor set limits for herself. She never gives up. She just does her job. Continue reading

Important announcement

Today we announce the launch of something totally new, original and promising –  Justice Co. This company will make wonderful things in its life. It will grow and expand. It will surprise and conquer. It’s going to change the world. 

It has two CEOs: Mr Positive Egoism and Mrs Love Van Myself.  From now on these two will decide on the direction where this company is headed. They will not be distracted or discouraged. They will set clear goals and achieve them with no problem whatsoever. They have best assistants: Miss Smart and Mr Junior Enthusiasm. And they are supported by the Shareholders too: Good Friends Association and Free Will FundThe advisors such as Mr Big Fear and Mr All Critic will be outsourced and consulted on a irregular basis, rarely! Continue reading

Wishful writing

Me: I wanna write a book.

Not me: Wishful thinking!

Me: I want to publish my poems.

Not me: Wishful thinking!

Me: I would like Adele, Sia or Rihanna to sing a song that I’ve written.

Not me: Wishful thinking!

Me: No! It’s not wishful thinking, it’s wishful writing! Continue reading