How does it happen that some ideas pop into my head? Where does the so called inspiration come from? Some thoughts are so brilliant that make their recipients great discoverers and steal their names and give to theories. Why some artists are known for their unique style, like U2, Warhol or Channel? Continue reading


To express or to waste

Every time I want to express a positive emotion, a thought, a feeling and I don’t, it’s like throwing away food or money into trash.

Every time something bothers me and I don’t express it, is like swallowing a portion of poison.

How to express then? Continue reading

First criticism

I received the first critical feedback regarding my work. It stroke me like a lightening and made me question the last couple of months I had so enthusiastically dedicated to creating. For a day or two I flooded myself with even more criticism and considered quitting the business. Continue reading

Life non-fiction

After one of my latest posts, where I showed some vulnerability and admitted that I was struggling with writing, a friend suggested to read something. So I did. I’ve just finished the biography ‘Kapuscinski non-fiction’ by Artur Domoslawski and it left me inspired in many different ways. Continue reading