Creation and Love are twins. The former is the latter and reverse. Always together, dressed in the same outfit, distinguishable only by the very few that actually can spot the nuances. Continue reading



How does it happen that some ideas pop into my head? Where does the so called inspiration come from? Some thoughts are so brilliant that make their recipients great discoverers and steal their names and give to theories. Why some artists are known for their unique style, like U2, Warhol or Channel? Continue reading

Creative time

It is so important to have time for oneself, to be able to breathe out what we’ve inhaled throughout the day. The pictures, the conversations, the dreams, the problems. Everything. Not breathing properly may lead to an artistic hyperventilation. We may find ourselves in a panic call for survival. Continue reading

Her Majesty

She awakens everyday with the same intention – to create. She is the most powerful Creator of all. She is not lazy. She does not say “Not today” or “Later”. She does not overthink nor set limits for herself. She never gives up. She just does her job. Continue reading